Philanthropic Research Institute

About Us

SHOOK Research proudly funds PRI and its goals of creating philanthropic awareness and propagating best practices in the world of philanthropy.

It is clear that philanthropic giving is heavily influenced by individuals' peers. Research shows that many wealthy individuals simply haven't found their charitable passion; moreover, they are simply unaware of the most effective vehicles and efficient ways in which to give. Bill Gates' and Warren Buffett's "Giving Pledge" is evidence of this inspirational and spirited peer influence which was achieved via a media campaign that created enormous awareness surrounding philanthropy. This endeavor also pointed out that it is clear that ideas need to be further propagated among more givers.

PRI is becoming the foremost global source of awareness and media attention for leading philanthropic individual and corporate givers. It is PRI's vision to see marked-and sustained-growth in the levels of giving and involvement among the world's private sector and wealthiest families through increased awareness and personal interactions at conferences and events.


How We are Funded

PRI was initially built as a nonprofit organization, but the nature of PRI's model and its missions proved to be better suited as a sustainable social entrepreneurial pursuit that generates public value with measurable sustained results. The operation has been funded by SHOOK Research, an organization passionate about creating philanthropic awareness; in the future, PRI may be sustained by conferences, sponsors, and related events. In this model, PRI will be a sustainable enterprise and grants that otherwise may have been directed toward PRI can be used elsewhere.

At PRI, the goal of value creation is more important than the goal of value capture.